COVID-19: How it affects your UK Tax Residency

UK and US Tax Advisors with Years of Experience

As we see many more shut-downs, lock-downs and isolation of our countries and public one has to wonder how this affects the globally mobile workforce from a tax perspective? Many of our clients, both employers and employees are asking what the tax impact of travel restrictions and potential lock-downs will mean for their workers who … Read more

HMRC Guidance on Crypto Assets

Experienced UK and US Tax Advisors - SE Tax Pros

As Cryptoassets gain in popularity it comes as no surprise that policy makers have been asked to expand on and specify guidance already in place on the treatment of such transactions.   Are Cryptoassets a currency or a capital asset? When is a transaction a taxable event? Many are of the opinion that crypto trading … Read more

International Remote Working 

Experienced UK and US Tax Advisors - SE Tax Pros

During the Global pandemic of 2020 we saw remote working become the main style of working for many companies and workers.  Some may say that this style of working is here to stay despite the Government urging people to get back into the office.   Aside from the flexibility of working at home some people have … Read more

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