IRS Child Tax Credits

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act signed into law in March 2021. the U.S. Government pledged to increase child tax credits for eligible taxpayers and make this a refundable credits. The biggest change to this credit is that it will begin being deposited into Taxpayers accounts from the 1st of July, 2021. Recently … Read more

IRS Guidance on Unemployment Exclusion

IRS Guidance on Unemployment Exclusion The American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on on March 11, 2021. With it brought many extensions to financial support for taxpayers and businesses. From that date there have been a few changes and a bit more clarity on some of the exclusions that can be taken by … Read more

American Taxpayers: Virtual Currency and Taxation

It’s no secret that with COVID-19 plunging out stock market into a state of volatility many personal investors have taken the Bullish approach of buying when the prices are low. Leaving all opinion aside on some of the happenings, such as GameStop, we should turn our attention to what is happening with Virtual Currency and … Read more

HMRC Guidance on Crypto Assets

As Cryptoassets gain in popularity it comes as no surprise that policy makers have been asked to expand on and specify guidance already in place on the treatment of such transactions.   Are Cryptoassets a currency or a capital asset? When is a transaction a taxable event? Many are of the opinion that crypto trading … Read more

2021 US Filing Season Delays

The 2020 filing season was a challenge with the IRS closing down and sending workers home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tax season delaine was extended and many people rushed to get their taxes filed on time so they would receive stimulus payment lifelines dished out by the U.S. Government. One year later and we … Read more

2021 Advanced Child Tax Credit for U.S. Taxpayers – but not U.S. Expats.

As the COVID pandemic ground the world to a near halt, business and jobs were put under tremendous stress, not knowing what to expect, when to open and whether they would have to cut costs by making employees redundant. The U.S. Government released several Acts of Congress that injected a much-needed stimulus into the economy … Read more

International Remote Working 

During the Global pandemic of 2020 we saw remote working become the main style of working for many companies and workers.  Some may say that this style of working is here to stay despite the Government urging people to get back into the office.   Aside from the flexibility of working at home some people have … Read more

Americans Abroad with a Non-US Pension

US Taxpayers Is your Non-US Pension Actually a Foreign Trust? Recently the IRS have become very aggressive in their pursuit of non-compliant taxpayers with foreign information to report. Every year the IRS releases a list of top priorities and campaigns of non-compliance that they will target and you guessed it right offshore non-compliance is on … Read more

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