Expanding Business into the usa

Aspiring Entrepreneurs setting up a business. Expanding your business into the USA is a wonderful achievement for your business. It brings a whole new host of questions about your overseas tax liabilities, laws, regulations, insurances and compliance requirements. First, you must decide which business structure you wish to choose and register correctly with the Secretary … Read more

Refundable Child Tax Credits

US Expats – Are You Claiming All Your Credits? Starting a family or being blessed with a new addition is always an event to celebrate. As life changing as it is, having a child brings with it a new adventure. A life event such as having a child can also have a big impact on … Read more

Americans Abroad with a Foreign Pension

Is your Non-US Pension Actually a Foreign Trust? Recently the IRS have become very aggressive in their pursuit of non-compliant taxpayers with foreign information to report. Every year the IRS releases a list of top priorities and campaigns of non-compliance that they will target and you guessed it right offshore non-compliance is on that list! … Read more

COVID-19: How it affects your UK Tax Residency

As we see many more shut-downs, lock-downs and isolation of our countries and public one has to wonder how this affects the globally mobile workforce from a tax perspective? Many of our clients, both employers and employees are asking what the tax impact of travel restrictions and potential lock-downs will mean for their workers who … Read more

The American Rescue Plan Act 2021

Special Alert for America After passing the House and the Senate, President Biden signs the new law in to effect on March 11, 2021, This new Act will through many American a much needed lifeline that will help recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the signing of this new law many changes … Read more

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